New Blog – What to expect

Well, here we go. What is this, my third or fourth attempt at starting a blog? I mean, if you don’t count Tumblr, which I don’t. I got a bit fed up over at Blogspot with the lack of options and the ever-frustrating Google+ accounts that they *force* you to use now with anything that Google owns.

Anyway, I am here now. I have just spent the past hour re-familiarizing myself with WordPress and I must say, I do like everything that I see so far. I am hoping to get more into it and become more used to posting here, as I would really love to keep a regular blog.

As for what I would like to post here… Well, I’d like to call it a personal or lifestyle blog, if I were to have to categorize it. I really enjoy reviewing things like movies, products, theatre, etc. However, I also enjoy documenting life events and sort of journaling, as I really enjoy looking back over how things have changed throughout my life.

For now, I will just leave this intro post here with the hopes that it will be the first of many posts to come.

Thank you for visiting. ❤

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