Oh my goodness!

Wow! How do I already have 13 followers!? That’s just crazy. Thank you all so much for the follow. I am loving the community I have stumbled upon here at WordPress and I hope to find even more fun blogs and people to follow.

I had a really exhausting day today. I haven’t been sleeping well the past few weeks and it’s just catching up to me. I need like a whole day to just sleep and catch up. That’s how it works, right? 😉

Then, I had a doctor appointment, which ran late per the norm. It was an annual but it’s always unpleasant because being in a doctor’s office always makes me uneasy and I just can’t wait to get out. Luckily, no blood got drawn, but I have to make another appointment to get that done ASAP. Oh, joy.

After that, I went into work. There was a last-minute shipment today and no one to work it, so I processed as much as I could on my own, which was incredibly tiring. This was definitely one of those days that I wish I had another me. One to go to the yucky stuff like doctor appointments and process 100 boxes, while the other gets to do the fun stuff. 🙂

I did use a little bit of my birthday money on a new Vinylmation for myself. (I bought some Christmas gifts as well.) The new Mickey’s Christmas Carol set came out and I just couldn’t resist buying one to add to my massive collection.

6387047711526I got the Gravedigging Weasels which is the purple one second-from-the-right in the picture, and it’s so cute! The details on it are perfect now I have the urge to try and get as many as I can from the set. I really want to get Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Scrooge. Aww, heck, I want them all.

It’s time to go eat some dinner now and probably watch an episode or two of Orange is the New Black. Until next time! ❤

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