Retail Therapy – Disney Store Edition

I recently took advantage of an extra 20% off at the Disney Store and aside from a few presents for others… I might have spoiled myself a little bit. Here are a few things I got for myself.

The first item I bought, and the one I was most excited for was this adorable sweatshirt. Disney Princess Hoodie – $25.00 (regularly $39.95)


I loved the fact that it doesn’t say the typical “And they lived happily ever after.” It’s *SHE* lived happily ever after, as in she can live happily all on her own. It’s really powerful and a big step forward from the typical princess waiting for her prince to come make her life happy. This is now my new mantra and I can’t wait to wear this with pride.

I also was a bit naughty and bought two more Vinylmation from the Mickey’s Christmas Carol set. – $12,95 each


So, the first one I got a few weeks back was the purple Grave digging Weasels, and I just got the Scrooge McDuck in his hat and glasses, and I GOT THE CHASER! Eeeeee!!!


It’s Scrooge and Jiminy! Agh! I love them so much. I now have all of the Scrooges (Before the ghosts, while he’s sleeping, and as his grave is being dug, haha!) and I love it.


I also could NOT resist this beautiful Tiana tee – $12 (regularly $19.95) Not only is she an incredibly underrated princess in terms of popularity, but LOOK HOW GORGEOUS SHE IS!? I cannot wait to wear this around the parks.


The Tiana shirt I got will go GREAT with my new FAVORITE shirt…Briar Rose Fairytale Tee!! $12 (regularly $19.95) Both shirts are part of the current Fairytale Designer Collection and they are just gorgeous! Aurora is and has always been my favorite princess and I just could not pass up this tee with her as Briar Rose on it. I can never find Briar Rose merch, so when I saw this I had to have it. And I mean, come on, the pink is stunning!


The Mini Bean Bag Plush were all on sale for $5, which is so much cheaper than their regular price of $9.95. I have always loved Jiminy Cricket, ever since I watched Pinocchio, Fun and Fancy Free, and got to meet him when I went to the parks. I could not pass this little guy up.


I took all of my goodies – plus my gifts which I won’t post here for fear of spoilers! – home in this GIANT holiday tote. It’s HUGE, (20″x25″x8″) reusable, and held ALL of my stuff and so much more. I will definitely be using this to take gifts home for the holidays.

Alright, enough of my Disney shopping spree. I got a few more things, but I might hold that off for another gifting haul to show what gifts I bought for friends and family for Christmas this year.

What sort of shopping sprees are you going on this year? Have you purchased more for yourself or others so far? (I’m so guilty of buying for myself this time of year! lol)

Until next time! ❤

Days until Texas for Christmas: 22

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