Florida Adventures – Week 1

Well, I’ve officially been in Florida for a week now and it has been a week full of ups and downs for sure.

First off, my condo is great. I really like the location, my housemates are great, and the amenities are wonderful.

(These photo and others found on my Instagram.)

The weather has been absolutely fantastic. I’ve enjoyed getting to walk around without a coat in January, even got to lie out by the pool and read for awhile the other day. It’s fantastic. The Vitamin D has been great, that’s for sure.

I’ve also been able to enjoy the AMAZING food that Disney has to offer. I’ve gotten to spend a fair amount of time at Downtown Disney and the Boardwalk, which has allowed me to try some of the deliciousness I’ve missed out on these past three years.

Amazing Prosciutto, potato, rosemary, and mozzarella pizza from The Boardwalk’s new Trattoria al Forno.

I am also loving the new food trucks in Downtown Disney over on the West Side. I’ve tried Butter Chicken from Namaste and Hawaiian Tacos from the guest truck, Cilantro Urban Eatery. Of course, I was too excited to eat so I didn’t take pictures of those. Oops. Mmm… I’m drooling now just thinking about it! Disney does many things well, and you can bet that dining is no exception.

Thanks to the kindness of my friends, I’ve been able to visit the parks briefly while I wait for my pass to get mailed to me. It’s been absolutely wonderful to visit Hollywood Studios and see the Sorcerer’s Hat deconstruction.


Visiting EPCOT, my favorite park, to watch Illuminations and see Spaceship Earth at night has been one of my highlights thus far.

10931100_10203214063342052_9118299614142971175_n 10933769_10203214069062195_5341985592824187660_n

There have been a few mishaps with getting my transfer paperwork pushed through, so I wasn’t able to start work as I had planned. Hoping that after today, everything is taken care of and I can start this weekend. We’ll see!

Thanks for letting me update you. I’m hoping to get into a routine ASAP and I’ll be able to start posting regularly again. In the mean time, I’ll be collecting more photos for updates and stuff if you’re interested in it.

As for now, I’ll be heading for another day out to enjoy the weather.

Until next time. ❤

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