Podcast Love <3

As strange as it sounds, I’ve never been a huge music listener. I mean, sure, I’ll listen to albums a few times after they come out and I enjoy the radio and stuff, but I’ve never been someone who can just listen to music for hours on end. The one exception to the rule is instrumentals because I really enjoy listening to instrumentals while I study, write, etc. I have an awesome Pandora station full of movie soundtracks that’s my go-to for when I’m blogging or want something in the background that isn’t distracting.

What I do really enjoy listening to, however, are podcasts. I thought I would share a few with you that I’ve really been enjoying lately and hopefully get some recommendations for new ones to check out!

First and foremost, my all-time favorite I’ve listened to for literally years, is the WDW Radio Show with Lou Mongello.


This podcast is a MUST for Disney fans, and especially those of us who truly call Walt Disney World our “other home.” Lou does celebrity interviews, live reviews of restaurants and shows, and works so hard to bring Walt Disney World to you, even when you can’t be there. His listener email episodes with Beci Mahnken are some of my favorites, and I love his Top 10’s with Tim Foster. One of my all-time favorite episodes of the WDW Radio show is #193, when Lou got to interview the amazing Alice Davis. Lou and the WDW Radio gang are always throwing meetups in the parks, traveling around the country, cruising, and really keeping the listeners involved, which I love. Lou is super active on Twitter and Facebook, which is great for connecting, as well. I highly encourage you to listen to the show and get a dose of WDW in your daily life!

Another podcast I love listening to is called Twin Cities Song Story and it’s hosted by my good friend, Mark Sweeney.


Twin Cities Song Story, or TC Song Story, is Mark’s way of showcasing music and theatre artists of Minnesota. The guests he has promote their shows and music and explain the processes behind the creation of their works. It’s a fantastic way to discover new artists that don’t lie within the borders of traditional musical theatre, or new and local artists that don’t get the recognition that, say someone at Chanhassen or the Guthrie might get. Mark is a wonderful performer and writer himself and I’m super proud of him for getting this podcast up and running and for the successes he’s already seen as a result. Seeing as I’m no longer in Minnesota, I’m relying on Mark to help bring me that bit of Twin Cities culture that I love so much.

And last, but not least, a podcast I’m actually fairly new to is The Show, with Sam and Joe.


I have always loved Joseph Birdsong and his work. His music, his hilarious videos, and his witty blogs always bring smiles to my face and I feel like if I were to know Joe “IRL,” we’d be good friends. When I found out he was doing a podcast, I thought I would give it a shot and holy cow, I’m so glad I did. Like I said, I’m still pretty new to it and I’m catching up on episodes now, but Joe and his friend Sam are absolutely hilarious together and their banter just cracks me up. It’s great because Joe lives in Arkansas, and Sam lives in Montana so they have figured out a way  The most recent episode started with an apology from Joe for mixing up Shirley Temple and Annie and I was just cracking up. It’s so random, so hilarious, and you can tell Sam and Joe are just two good friends sharing their stories and lives and inviting us to come along with them. From Muppets to exes to Aliens and beauty products, this podcast definitely covers a wide range of topics, and in the most funny way possible.

So, those are a few of the podcasts that I’ve enjoyed recently. I’m curious to find out other podcasts that you might listen to, and get some recommendations on some I should check out for while I’m commuting or just futzing around.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what would you recommend?

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Until next time! ❤

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