The new interactive queue at Peter Pan’s Flight

As some of you fellow Walt Disney World fans might know, interactive queues are becoming a norm for the parks, and I am absolutely LOVING it! The Haunted Mansion queue is one of my favorites, and I hear the kids love the new one at Dumbo.

Last night, I got to experience the brand new queue at Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom with some friends and it was absolutely magical! Keep in mind, it was at park closing so we were in a rush and my pictures are just quick cell-phone snaps. I intend to go back and take my good camera so that I can really capture the beauty of this queue. In the mean time, here are my iPhone 5S shots.

13700_10203321983719994_3601774069912546097_n 1503437_10203321983399986_7720623540872785054_n 1800298_10203321984120004_6414508755928140270_n 10387208_10203321984400011_6966106594534314068_n 10639520_10203321982679968_4065873922258408982_n 10930948_10203321983119979_767876608634108846_n

The first thing to catch your eye are the gorgeous paintings that line the walls. It was too dark and the line was moving too quickly for me to capture all of the captions underneath the paintings. But, just look at how beautifully done they are!

10455764_10203321985560040_2898565475743121177_n 10959576_10203321985960050_5214094867025039798_n

Then come the portraits of the Darling family. I can’t get over how much Father looks like Captain Hook and Mother looks like Cinderella! Oh, and their silhouettes getting ready in the windows were just… well, darling!


Nana can be seen rounding the corner before the kids’ bedroom and while she’s just a still figure, there’s a lot of really fun audio to listen to. If you listen closely, you can hear all kinds of chatter, dog panting, traffic, etc. It was nice being in a semi-quiet queue so that we could hear it really well. I’m sure on a busy day, it’s just another little detail that gets overlooked.


The children’s room, however, is the highlight of the new queue and it is not a disappointment.



I wish I had been able to get video of this. In this portion of the room, – John’s – Tink would fly up out of the water pitcher on the right, splash some water, and then fly through the pirate’s sail over the bed. It was a cute little affect and worth trying to get with my good camera next time.


Wendy’s bed had suitcases and hatboxes on it, which makes me think they must’ve been playing dress-up at the time.


Again, this doesn’t really translate into a still picture and I wish I’d gotten a video, but it was a place to play with our shadows! Here, we would raise our hands up and then butterflies would land on our hands. It was so much fun and, again, deserves a much better picture and video.

10897922_10203321988280108_2802161257678473654_n 10930105_10203321987880098_3632830787512387650_n

Here, you can see Michael’s bed and teddy, along with some blocks which were underneath the shadow play wall.

As beautiful as it is, this new queue has a very abrupt ending and you’re in the loading area for the attraction. I really think they could do a better job of transitioning into the attraction, but I’m afraid that would mean shutting the entire thing down for refurb, which probably isn’t ideal.

Like I said, the queue is gorgeous, wonderfully-detailed, and I hope to go one day when it’s slower and I can take some pictures with my camera without being rushed.

Have you been able to experience any of Walt Disney World’s interactive queues? I do hope you’re able to “fly second start to the right and straight on ’til morning” and visit Peter Pan’s Flight soon!

Until next time! ❤

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