Depression strikes again…

You ever just get down and out? Like, everything is all great and fine and suddenly, life is like… “lolnope” and you get into that funk? Man, that has totally been me this past week.

I know I’ve blogged about mental illness before, particularly depression and anxiety because it’s what I was diagnosed with a few years back and what I know the most about. It’s not something I care to discuss with people – and I know it can make people uncomfortable – but sometimes you just gotta say it out loud. “I have depression, and today it is fighting back really hard.”

I know what the triggers are this time around – stress about work and money – and I’m usually able to bounce back rather quickly, but this past week has just been one stumble after another.

I’m hoping with today being Sunday, I can start over with a renewed energy and positive outlook tomorrow. I want to get back into the swing of posting regularly and not letting my stupid brain chemistry get in the way.

As for now, though, it’s time for some tea and meditation. Then, hopefully a nice walk in the sunshine and some reading to keep me active and occupied. I downloaded a new iPad app that helps recommend workouts to do, so I think I’ll start that today, too.

Thanks for your patience, everyone, while I battle my demons. I will be back soon. Promise.

Until next time! ❤

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