Hiatus is over!

Hey there, everyone. Long time, no-see!

I appreciate all of your understanding with my last post regarding my mental health and such. I have to keep reminding myself that it is ok to take a break from things considering I literally changed everything about my life in the span of about a month. It’s a lot to handle and I’m still working on it, but I have found that meeting new people, going on adventures, and taking time for myself has made a huge a difference.

So, in the past month I have met and spent time with so many people that I just can’t help but feel very lucky right now. I’ve been spending almost every free day hopping around Walt Disney World and I could not be more grateful for such a fantastic opportunity.

I’m currently in the process of editing some pictures and video that I took while I was at EPCOT’s International Flower & Garden Festival last week, but here are a few so far:




I hope to find a public site where I can just start uploading all of my pictures so that I can share them with everyone. I might try my public Facebook page and see how that goes for awhile. If you care to take a gander at my adventures in a more real-time fashion, I’ll include links to all of my other social media down at the bottom of the post.

As for now, I’m job hunting for a second job as I’m currently not getting many hours where I am at. I have an interview next Friday for something that should be pretty fun, and I’m still going on auditions regularly. Hopefully something will pan out soon. I could sure use the mental and physical stability of full-time income again.

As for now, it’s back to being productive. Sorry for the short post and, again, thank you so much for understanding why I needed to take a step back and focus on my well-being.

Until next time! ❤

Follow my Disney adventures on Instagram and Snapchat! Username: KacieThings

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