Cruelty-Free Products that didn’t work for me

Hello, everyone!

As you already know, I’ve been purchasing strictly cruelty-free beauty products for more than a year now, It’s still a learning process in terms of what certain companies consider cruelty-free and also which companies might be cruelty-free but are owned by parent companies who are *not* cruelty-free. It’s constantly changing as well, which makes it a constant learning process. So far, I have very much enjoyed getting to know brands and companies who are not only against animal testing, but are fighting to eradicate testing on animals as a whole.

Now, while I have found a multitude of products that I love and work well for me, there have also been some duds that I’ve come across. Products that do pass the cruelty-free test, but do not work for me. Here are a few of them I’ve come across. (Keep in mind, I’m not saying these products are bad at all. They just, like I said, do not work for me.)


Product #1 – Evolvh Cleanse Shampoo

I received this products in my Petit Vour box, which I unboxed back in early February. First off, this products smells divine. I loooove the smell of it. It lathers nicely, which isn’t a necessity for me, but I know many people enjoy it. However, this product *hated* my scalp. Holy cow. I have dry skin already and I use a medicated shampoo on occasion to keep my scalp calmed down. This shampoo, however, completely dried out my scalp and – pardon the potential grossness – gave me the worst dandruff ever! My scalp was itchy, red, and super flaky. I was shocked and embarrassed when I realized it. I gave it a few more tries to see if maybe I was having an off day, but no. This was not meant for me or my dry scalp. Maybe if you’re someone who has more oily skin and hair? That might work for you. As for me? No way, Jose.


Product #2 – NYX Incredible Waterproof Concealer Stick in Porcelain

I’m a newbie to solid concealers. I’ve always used liquid concealer that you dab on with the wand. When I was replacing my old CoverGirl concealer with a cruelty-free brand, I found NYX. This product was a similar color to the shade I’d used from CG and it said it was waterproof so I assumed it would have good staying power. Nope and nope. I mean, the color isn’t bad. Don’t get me wrong. I’m paler than the palest person out there, but this color honestly made my skin look… I dunno, dead? I tried it under my eyes and it literally did nothing for me. It was like I didn’t put anything on. And, if I used it on blemishes, it would maybe last an hour before disintegrating without me touching my face at all, and after I had covered it in powder. This product was a complete bust for me.


Product #3 – e.l.f’s Flawless Finish Foundation in Porcelain

Speaking of being pale… I absolutely *adore* the entire e.l.f. line of products. Their eye shadows are fantastic, the tone correcting powder is my go-to for shine control, and I use their brushes for absolutely everything. However, when it came down to time for me to replace my foundation, I found this product to be a big flop. The formula is great. It has staying power. But, the foundation kept getting darker the longer it was on my face! When I would put it on, it seemed to be pretty close to my skin tone. Like I said before, I’m suuuuuper pale, so I expect foundations to not ever be light enough for me. However, I swear I could probably stand in a mirror and watch this foundation turn darker and darker as the day went on. Why would it oxidize so much that it would go a good 2-3 shades darker after it was applied? I’ve never seen that happen before and while I was very impressed with the formula, the lightness, and the lack of a strong scent, I will not be using this product unless I get a serious tan in the near future.

Overall, the majority of the products I’ve tried since going cruelty-free have been successes. I love trying out new products, learning about the practices of cosmetic and beauty companies, and sharing my discoveries in the hopes that more people will think about buying products not tested on animals. However, I want to try to also share the products out there that may not be worth a shot. Granted, like I said above, these products did not work for me and/or did not live up to what I felt they should do. Who knows? Maybe you *love* these products and that’s awesome! I’ve just found that as a ridiculously pale, dry, and sensitive-skinned girl, they are not my cup of tea.

Stay tuned next time for some raving about products that I just cannot get enough of!

Until next time! ❤

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