My First Ever LUSH Haul!

Ok, I am SOOOO behind the times with this. I’ve always wanted to try LUSH because of their cruelty-free practices, but I just never gave them a shot. I’d walk by the store and just assume everything was going to be really expensive until one day I ran out of shampoo and I had heard great things about LUSH’s Shampoo Bars. So, I decided to go in and I came out with … well, more than just a shampoo bar!

Sadly, this haul was done over a month ago so most of the product has been well-loved and I won’t take pictures. Instead, I’m going to be a lazy blogger and show you the pictures of what I got from LUSH’s website.

Shampoo Bar in Brazilliant – $9.95

Being a LUSH newbie, I mentioned to one of the employees that I needed something for dry scalp. I had done some research online and expected him to offer me one of the bars I’d read were made for sensitive/itchy scalps but no, he recommended this one, which is made for curly hair. I told him my hair is the furthest thing from curly and he said, “Trust me. I can’t tell you how much this little bar has helped with my scalp.” So, I smelled it and immediately fell in love with the scent, grabbed that and one of their shampoo bar tins and moved on. Let me just tell you, this little orange bar is INCREDIBLE! Not only do I not have an itchy scalp, but I can actually look at my scalp and not cringe because of all the residue build-up. I don’t know what it is, but between this GLORIOUS scent and it’s seemingly cure-all formula, I’ll never buy another shampoo. It’s so easy to use and has lasted me over 6 weeks so far with plenty more to go!

Right next to the shampoo bars was a section about Toothy Tabs. Now, I had read about them but always though, “No way! That sounds awful.” So, since the guy was so helpful, I asked him his honest opinion about the tabs and he explained that while they don’t taste the best, he loves them and uses a minty one in the morning and a whitening one at night. I saw that they were $4.95 a box so I figured, why not?

03417Sparkle Toothy Tabs – $4.95

For whitening, he recommended Sparkle. It sounded pleasant and then I read the ingredients… BLACK PEPPER?! He saw my face and laughed. “Yeah, it sounds unpleasant, but trust me, it’s not as bad as it sounds and if you have sensitive teeth, you’ll love how gentle these are.” I will admit, the first time I tried one, I almost spit it out and rinsed my mouth out. However, I followed the instructions and was pleasantly surprised not only with how well it foamed in my mouth, but how clean my mouth felt afterward, even if it didn’t leave that minty fresh feeling afterward. Now, I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t brush my teeth with this before kissing anyone because it does not leave the most pleasant taste, but I have seen a major improvement in sensitivity from both my teeth and gums. I’m sold on this one.

03420Ultrablast Toothy Tabs – $4.95

I told him I’d like to have that freshly-brushed feeling and he handed me this box. If you thought I was shocked to read about Black Pepper in the other ones, imagine my surprise when I read “Wasabi” as an ingredient in this. He laughed again and told me, “Believe it or not, I use these daily and I have not once tasted the Wasabi.” By this time, I was starting to think he was crazy, or that he was just trying really hard to sell me on things no one else wanted, but I trusted his judgement, and read up online that it does leave a fresh mint-like feeling and decided to give it a shot. Now, this one does not taste the best either, but it’s not really meant to. You put the tab in between your front teeth and crush it up, then put a wet toothbrush in your mouth and brush. Umm.. I kind of love brushing my teeth with these now. Yes, it leaves a freshly-brushed minty feeling, though it’s not nearly as strong as some regular toothpastes. However, I love that I know exactly what ingredients I’m putting into my mouth and love how clean my mouth feels after using these.

After getting those three things, I decided that was enough adventure for one shopping trip so I went to the counter. The cashier was ringing me up, asking if I had questions or if I’d used the products before, and I explained how helpful the guy out on the floor was. The cashier backed up everything he said, and then posted over to a sign on the counter that said something like, “Beat the Microbead” or something like that.

I only recently became aware of the horrible toll that the microbeads in our daily products are taking on the oceans and waterways of our Earth. When the cashier told me that LUSH was starting a campaign not only to ban microbeads from their own products, but encourage other companies to do so as well, I instantly became interested. I don’t think they’re advertising this anymore, but at the time, I could choose from one of their specific scrubs and they would be donating the ENTIRE purchase price to grassroots organizations that were working on getting microbeads completely banned from all products. There was absolutely no question that I wanted to support this, so I chose one called Life’s a Beach, which is actually made up of harmless sand, and they thanked me for my help in “battling the bead.”image

 Of course, I look online for this product now and it was apparently Limited Edition so they don’t sell it anymore. *crying emoji* I cannot tell you how HEAVENLY this scrub is. Not only is it gentle for my overly-sensitive skin, but the scent.. Oh my gosh. Vanilla and caramel sounds like it would be a sickly-sweet combination but holy cow, is it magical. The pot even recommends that if you like the scent, it’s similar to their Vanillary perfume so I just might have to pick that up once my current perfume runs out. Again, I was skeptical about scrubbing my body with sand and salt, mainly because it was worried about it clogging up my drain, but the cashier assured me that it was 100% safe and gets filtered out during water treatment easily, unlike the microbeads. This product is also part of LUSH’s Recycling program where you bring back 5 empty pots of their product for recycling and then you get a free Fresh Face Mask in return.

Overall, I can say that I am 110% satisfied with my first ever LUSH trip. If I had a bigger bathtub, I’d jump at the chance to try some of the bathbombs I see everyone raving about, but for now, I’ll stick to the awesome shower products. The next thing I want to try from them is a conditioner that won’t weigh down my hair in this Florida humidity, and a perfume since Fall is coming and I love wearing sweet scents during the cooler months.

So, as soon as I start to run out of products, I’m going to ask for recommendation from those of you who are more knowledgeable about LUSH. I welcome any and all suggestions. In the meantime, what are *YOUR* favorite LUSH products? I’d love to try some out!

Thank you, as always, for reading.

Until next time! ❤

7 thoughts on “My First Ever LUSH Haul!

  1. Sera says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been slowly changing over to cruelty free as I run out of products, and I was quite saddens to find out that all the shampoos for dandruff are not CF. I wouldn’t have thought to head into Lush for shampoo.
    I’ve only tried one of their products and that is the Cupcake face mask, and that is divine!!!

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  2. Lush is amazing!! I personally love their coalface cleanser bar (similar to a shampoo bar, but for the skin). After trying nearly everything under the sun, coalface is the only thing that truly cleanses my sensitive skin! If you ever try a bath bomb, I’d recommend avobath. It turns the water a gorgeous green color and smells of citrus! 🙂

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