Girl’s Got Games – BEWA #2

Howdy, folks!

In my last post where I introduced my idea of BEWA, I briefly mentioned that my downtime – which is usually those few minutes between my head hitting the pillow and passing out for the night – I’ve been enjoying two iPhone apps: Disney’s Magic Kingdoms and Nintendo’s Miitomo.

Disney Magic Kingdoms


This adorable little free app is created by Gameloft, the well-known App Developer and while it does have some similarities to their other apps, the overall Disney theming cannot be topped. It all starts out with Maleficent having taken over Magic Kingdom, so you help Mickey and friends recover MK by building your very own version of Magic Kingdom while destroying the dark magic that has taken over. I absolutely *love* that Merlin from The Sword in the Stone plays such a huge part in the game as I feel that classic movie doesn’t get enough love nowadays. And, of course, Maleficent is my all-time favorite Disney character so you know I love this game. Inside the Magic wrote a much more in-depth look at the app and I highly recommend you head over there if you want to learn more about it.




Miitomo is a brand new social media app released by Nintendo and oh boy, am I addicted. You create your very own Mii (or you can link up a Nintendo account if you already have one and use that Mii) and interact with your friends in silly ways. It’s a lot about answering random questions and getting to know each other while playing games and completing small missions to get coins. These coins can be used to buy clothing for your Mii in the shop or you can even spend Game Tickets to play little arcade style games and win exclusive outfits to wear. (I’m currently wearing a crazy cat lady shirt, but I also will switch it up and put on a full-length flower costume.) You can add your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or Face-to-Face, and each time you add new friends, you get rewarded. You also get rewarded the more you socialize, buy and wear clothing, etc. It’s super cute and silly, smilar to the DS game, Tomodachi Life, but not nearly as in-depth. It is kind of fun to see what your IRL friends answer to questions like, “Which celeb do you think I look like?” or “What’s your favorite chip flavor?” I highly recommend it if you want to know unique things about your friends in a super cute setting. Read more about the app here!

With all of these great apps taking up my time and my phone memory, I am going to have to upgrade to a bigger phone soon!

How about you? Are you playing any fun mobile games at the moment? Any you’d like to recommend? I always love finding fun new games to play.

As always, thanks so much for sticking around. Have a great weekend!

Until next time! ❤

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