Cruelty-Free Flops

Going Cruelty-Free when it comes to healthcare and beauty products is an incredibly long journey. One that, in my experience, has no ending. Companies are constantly changing their policies, new companies are sprouting up, and some products just stop working for you.

I’m here to post about a few products that just flat out didn’t do it for me. These products are by no means “bad,” they just weren’t right for me. Remember, everyone’s body chemistry, skin color/type, and needs are different so this is just a post about products that did not work for what I needed/wanted them for. Please keep that in mind as you read ahead.

In my most recent haul post, I showed you four products I purchased at Ulta. Fortunately, two of those work wonderfully and I will repurchase them. Unfortunately, the other two did not.

The first one was the Yes to Grapefruit Dark Circle Eye Correcting Cream.

(Image from

As I said in my post, it was an impulse buy from their clearance section. Honestly, I wish I had just left it on the shelf. I don’t know if I had a bad tube, but if I didn’t, I can absolutely see why Ulta has discontinued selling this product. It comes out a strange off-yellow/white color which wasn’t particularly pleasant to look at, but who cares? It’s not about how it looks. The scent, however, was unbearably strong and so unpleasant. Imagine old lady makeup smell covered in maple syrup and sprayed with cheap citrus perfume. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t even keep this on for five minutes because I had to wash it off. The scent gave me a headache and would not leave my nose. I have no idea if this works because I couldn’t stand it being on me, but I can guarantee you I will be tossing it out and never giving it a second chance. This is a testament to why you should *DO YOUR RESEARCH* before purchasing a product. Trust me, you’ll thank me.

Product #2 from my haul is the Crystal Original Deodorant Stick

(Image from Amazon)

I mentioned before that I was a fan of Crystal’s Roll-On liquid formula, but it wasn’t quite cutting it on these hot, humid Florida days. I figured, why not try the solid version. It has to be more potent, right? So. SO. Wrong. Using the crystal is a little weird. You dampen the top of the stick and then rub it under your arms. It took some getting used to, but I figured it would be worth a shot. This barely lasted at all and after a few days of using it, the crystal itself started to have an odor that will absolutely not go away. I might keep this for days when I’m around the house, but I honestly wouldn’t trust this to work just by itself.

The good news is, I immediately went out to find something else since I needed something for work and I fell in *love* with Crystal’s Essence Lavender & White Tea Roll-On. The scent is just enough to help it last throughout my work day and I feel like this is going to be my new every-day deo. Still hoping to find something stronger for theme park/pool/beach days when I’m out all day, but hopefully soon!

So, have you encountered any “never-again” products on your cruelty-free journey? I’m currently trying to use up what I already have before getting anything else, and I think I might renew my Petit Vour subscription so I can get back to trying out CF products before I buy.

Any suggestions for good CF/vegan brands I should be on the lookout for?

Thanks, as always, for stopping by!

Until next time! ❤

8 thoughts on “Cruelty-Free Flops

  1. Omg you actually describe the smell of the yes too grapefruit perfectly. I also thought the yes to carrots smelt like cheap and nasty foundation. I was so excited when I first found the yes to range but I haven’t liked anything. Everything smelt awful and the carrot cleanser left a residue on my skin, the yes to grapefruit scrub did nothing for my skin and the yes to eye cream gave me huge red rings around my eyes x


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