You won’t know until you try.

Well, I’m going to try it. I’m going to start taking my first steps at becoming vegetarian & vegan.

zolr0_f-maxage-0(To say “I’m nervous” is an understatement.)

It’s going to be hard. I literally know nothing about it, just like when I went cruelty-free for all of my cosmetic and household products, but I am going to embrace the entire journey. Between the mistakes, the hurdles, and the cravings, I am fully aware that I will mess up along the way, but it’s all in the process, right?

So, if you are so moved to do so, please feel free to send me links on how to begin this process. (Do I start by eating more vegetarian and ease my way into going completely vegan? I don’t know!) I need to start with making a more natural and plant-based grocery list for sure, but I also need to know how to make the dishes! Haha. I’ve currently got tabs open on Pinterest and WordPress looking for recipes, blogs, grocery lists, etc. Anything will help.

Thank you so much, as always, for stopping by.

Until next time! ❤

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