My De-Stressing Nighttime Self-Care Routine

Between job hunting and working way too hard during my Fall internship, my mind and body have been just completely exhausted. Last week, I came home from a long day and not only did I hurt all over, I had a pinched nerve, my stress level was through the roof, and I just needed to “get away” for a little while.

Thankfully, I had everything I needed to relax right in my reach. So, I’d like to present to you, my stress relieving nighttime self-care routine.

First: Run a warm bath.

Recently, at our town’s Fall Festival, I purchased a large lemongrass bath bomb made by a local artisan and boy-oh-boy did it smell amazing.


As you can see, it’s massive. I broke it in half, but could have easily used a quarter of it and been fine. The scent was delightfully strong, but not overpowering or bothersome. Also, it was fun to watch the bathtub fill up because the bath bomb made it look like lemonade!


Because my muscles were so sore, I ran the bath much warmer than I normally do and let me tell you, as soon as I lay down in that tub… it was pure bliss. The bath bomb left my skin feeling moisturized, almost as if I’d put an oil in the tub, and that was a pleasant surprise. But, I skipped ahead.

Second: While the tub is running, light a candle.

Seeing as I already had such a strong scent with the bath bomb, I would not have wanted to overdo it with something else strongly scented. So, if I were you, I would opt for a lightly-scented option or even an unscented couple of tealights just for the warm glow. (I didn’t have any unscented candles on hand, but I did have an oil-warmer that emits light so I just turned that on and used the glow from that, sans oil.)

Third: Turn off your technology and turn on some relaxing music.

I use my phone as my source of music, so I put my phone in airplane mode, meaning no one could contact me and I wouldn’t get any notifications. Then, I turned on a wonderful Pandora station I recently discovered: Solo Piano.

piano-1396971_960_720(Piano photo courtesy of

(Click here to listen. I highly recommend it.) The music was so intensely calming and drowned out any background noise my family might’ve been making out in the living room. It was perfect. I just laid back, closed my eyes, and let the relaxation just flow over me. (I recommend putting your phone out of reach from the bathtub so you’re not tempted to grab it out of habit or wanting to look something up.)

Fourth: Breathe.

As I relaxed, I worked on some mindfuless breathing exercises I’ve learned as those help calm my tense muscles and my overcrowded mind. I’ll probably do a post on those at some point, but if you’re interested, I highly recommend looking up some breathing exercises on YouTube or Pinterest. Meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation are keywords to use.

That’s pretty much it. It’s simple as to not stress me out even more, and it’s a nice, quiet way to escape for awhile without ever leaving your own bathroom! For some next-level pampering, add a face mask or some deep conditioner to your hair while you soak. I love using a calming cucumber-based mask for my face when I soak in the tub. Oh! Maybe follow the bath with a nice, warm cup of chamomile tea! Mmm…

As a sufferer of moderate anxiety and depression, nights like these are incredibly important to my overall health and wellness. It’s not feasible every single night, but taking a half hour or so every now and again has truly helped to improve my mental state. If you’re ever feeling like things are just too much, I highly recommend doing one or more of the tasks mentioned above. Especially breathing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to remind myself to truly breathe. So much so, in fact, that this is my current phone background I found on Pinterest:


Learning to deal with my anxiety has been something I’ve tried to work on lately and this routine is just one of the things I have found works for me.

What about you? Do you have a “treat yourself” kind of routine or things you like to do to relax? I’m always looking for ways to relax and improve my self-care, so I’d love some suggestions!

As always, thank you so much for reading.

Until next time! ❤

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