Sprinkles Vegan Red Velvet Cupcake – Review!

Howdy, friends! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I know mine completely flew by. Don’t you just hate that? Why can’t the work weeks fly by as quickly and the weekends just be… well, longer? Haha.

Anyway, today I wanted to do a little review of a vegan treat I had while out recently. If you follow anything about Walt Disney World, then you’ll have heard all about the new Town Center that has opened up at Disney Springs. It’s slowly opening up in stages, but as of May 15th, a large number of shops and eateries opened their doors.

The most popular of them all, by far, has been Sprinkles, the cupcake shop!

2016-05-18 10.04.35

My friends and I were first in line the day that we went and as soon as I saw that there were vegan options on the menu, I jumped at the chance to try one of my favorite pastry/cake flavors: Red Velvet! According to Sprinkles’ website:

Sprinkles goes vegan! Traditional dairy products are substituted with vegan friendly ingredients, including all natural soy milk, tofu-based cream cheese and pure coconut oil. The result is a cake so moist and frosting so rich, it just might inspire your friends to go vegan too!

Just look for the red V to know it’s Vegan Red Velvet!

2016-05-18 10.08.45

Holy Moley. This cupcake was like actual heaven. If it wasn’t so humid that morning and the icing melting all over me, I would have tried to savor every last bite. The icing, as stated above, is made with coconut oil, which was the strongest flavor of the icing, in my opinion. I wasn’t expecting the red velvet and coconut flavor combo, but I was very impressed. They tasted delicious together. The cake itself was moist and delicious and I really *REALLY* wanted to go back for more.

2016-05-18 10.09.34

… and now I’m craving this cupcake again. Great! Haha. This was the only vegan option that I saw on their menu, but they do say to always ask and see if they have any other flavors that might not be on the menu. So, I will make sure to ask next time if they have any other vegan options.

Alright, I’m going to have to stop talking about sweets soon or I might go jump into my car and drive over there just to stuff my face with vegan treats! Haha.

I hope you enjoyed this review. I’m definitely looking forward to finding more places with vegan options in my area so if you have any recommendations or favorites, please let me know!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by.

Until next time! ❤

2016-05-18 10.08.33


Hi, I’m Kacie. Nice to meet you.

I’ve recently gained some new followers and have made some pretty big life changes since starting this blog, so I thought it might be a good time to reintroduce myself.

I’m Kacie. I’m 27 and I live in Orlando, Florida. I was born and raised in Texas, moved to Minnesota in 2009 to go to university, did an internship at Walt Disney World from 2011-2012, moved back to Minnesota to finish university, and then moved back here to Florida in 2015. *whew*

I studied Theatre and American Sign Language at the University of Minnesota and completely fell in love with the arts scene of the Twin Cities. Honestly, I regret not experiencing more of it while I was there, but I am so thankful for the five years I did spend there.

My passion for Disney started when I wasn’t even a toddler yet. Disney movies were always on at my house, we went to WDW for the first time when I was 10, and I promised my family that I would, “live and work here one day.” Well, here I am. I’ve spent four years working with the Walt Disney Company in various facets all over the country and I have grown so very much. I’m super grateful that I get to work for my dream company and I encourage more people to put themselves out there and explore what you want to do. That could change, of course, but you’ll never know until you try.


I took the pledge to go cruelty-free sometime in 2014, I believe. I did some research on cosmetics tested on animals and I was horrified at what I learned. I then discovered that it’s not only cosmetics, but almost *ANYTHING* that you can purchase at a store has the potential to be tested on animals. So, for two years I’ve done my best to not purchase any cosmetics, household products, clothing, etc. that are tested on animals.

My goal of living a completely cruelty-free life is taking its next steps, as you might be aware of from recent posts. I want to start making sure that I am not only living ethically, but conservatively and with the least amount of impact on our environment as possible. I want to support and live with our Earth, not just on it.


You can find me on other social media like Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube, (links in my About Me section) though I’m not as active on YouTube as I used to be. That is a goal of mine, however. In fact, I think it is a good time for me to talk about my goals with this blog and my other social media.

Online Goals:
– Make more Disney posts.
– Make regular YouTube videos again.
– Learn more about web and graphic design.
– “Meet” more bloggers/vloggers with similar interests.
– Learn the more “business side” of social media.

So, with all of this being said, I do appreciate you immensely for reading this. I’m so grateful for the kind words I’ve received here on my blog and other places online as well. I’ve enjoyed this community so much and I cannot wait to, like I said, meet more of you.

I’d love to answer any questions you might have and I will always take post suggestions from anyone who’d like to request anything. Please, just let me know!

As always, and again, thank you so much for stopping by!

Until next time! ❤

A New Journey Has Begun – BEWA #3

This time last year (almost exactly to the day!) I was making a post about how excited I was to be transferring from the Disney Store family and joining the Disney’s Animal Kingdom family. (See original post here.)

Well, the next leg of my Disney journey has begun and in just 9 more days, I will be joining the Disney Vacation Club family!


I’m going to be working in Children’s Activities at the brand new DVC location that will be opening up at Disney Springs later this Summer! I can’t wait to start my training at Saratoga Springs – a resort I absolutely love – and get work in a field that I truly have a passion for.

This past year has been an incredible journey from learning all about Disney’s Food & Beverage and Starbucks, and best of all, meeting lifelong friends along the way. I’m so grateful for this past year I got to spend at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and while I am sad I am leaving that wild place, I am so excited to start this new chapter of my Disney story.

As some of you may know, my very first Disney home was Disney Quest in 2011 back when Disney Springs was still called “Downtown Disney,” and while everything at Disney Springs has changed so much, I do kind of feel like I’m “going back home” in a way. I’ve enjoyed working inside a park for the past year and am looking forward to working at not only a resort, but at the new entertainment destination that is Disney Springs.

So, for now I will enjoy my last week at Creature Comforts with my friends and I look forward to all that is to come here at Walt Disney World for me.

Thanks for all of your support!

Until next time! ❤

P.S. Did I tell you guys I chopped off my hair and went blonde!? Between the new apartment, new hair, and now a new job, been a month of changes, let me tell you.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 8.12.53 AM

Holy hiatus, Batman!

Wow! Where did the past almost two months go?

In a nutshell: I’ve started my job as a Trainer for the Creature Comforts, which is the Starbucks location opening next week at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It’s been a full-time job and then some. Learning all new things on top of teaching others the new things I’ve learned has been a test of my patience, mental capacity, and teaching skills.

I have fallen completely in love with Animal Kingdom, though. Between the focus on conservation and environmental issues and all of the new expansions happening with Harambe Market, the addition of nighttime entertainment, and Pandora/Avatar, it’s definitely an exciting place to be.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 3.18.11 PM

Right now, that’s taking up 100% of my time, but when I do have the occasional free morning or evening, I’ve been exploring WDW and chronicling everything on my Instagram. So, if you care to follow that at all, please feel free.

I’m starting to work on getting back into a healthy routine, as well. Since starting the new job, I’m not running like I used to or eating very well and I can tell that it is taking a toll on my body. I don’t like the way I’m feeling and I am going to try my best to not put my health or well-being on the back burner.

For my Florida friends, Creature Comforts opens on June 18th and I hope to see you there!

Here’s to new adventures, new beginnings, and self-care.

Until next time! ❤

Hakuna Matata!

I’ve spent the entire weekend sick in bed with what I can only describe is an allergy-cold-from-the-depths-of-hell. (Can you tell I don’t handle being sick very well?) Ha. Instead of spending this second sick day mindlessly watching Netflix and feeling all woe-is-me, I decided to at least get a blog post written so I’d feel like I wasn’t completely wasting my time.

Some of you might know that I’ve had a tough time these past three months since moving to Florida. Mainly due to the fact that I wasn’t working the hours I was promised and making ends meet has been a struggle to say the least. It’s been hard taking such a big demotion in order to relocate and being stuck with less-than-ideal paychecks can be a real downer.

ANYWAY! I got the most FANTASTIC phone call call on Monday, 4/6 and found out that I will be working at Disney’s Animal Kingdom starting April 26th! I’m so very excited and absolutely cannot wait to get started.

(Photo from my Instagram)

I’m going to be a trainer at the new Creature Comforts next to Pizzafari. I’m so excited and ready to start this next chapter of my Disney journey. During my College Program I worked at Disney Quest in Downtown Disney so this will be my first experience working inside one of the parks. I can’t wait to call DAK my home for awhile and hopefully make a positive impact for guests who visit this beautiful park.

(Taken by me, Sept. 2011)

One of the questions I was asked during the interview last month was, “How do you feel you contribute to the conservation and/or welfare of animals and the environment?” (Or, something like that.) I got to talk about how I became cruelty-free over the last year and a half, how my roommates and I recycle every little thing that we can, I talked about the animal charities I support and how I consider myself an animal-welfare activist. She told me that there will be plenty of opportunities for me to help out with Disney’s Wildlife Conservation Fund, which is so incredibly exciting!

So, I now have two weeks left at The Disney Store where things are picking up due to Spring Breaks and warmer weather. I’ll definitely miss the coworkers I’ve gotten to know over the past few months, but I know that this new opportunity is going to be so much better for me.

I promise to update you with all of the exciting new things as they come up. As for now, it’s back to napping. Gotta kick this sickness to the curb ASAP! Thank you for all of the support and well-wishes I’ve gotten on Instagram and Twitter. I’ve very much appreciated it.

Until next time! ❤

Hiatus is over!

Hey there, everyone. Long time, no-see!

I appreciate all of your understanding with my last post regarding my mental health and such. I have to keep reminding myself that it is ok to take a break from things considering I literally changed everything about my life in the span of about a month. It’s a lot to handle and I’m still working on it, but I have found that meeting new people, going on adventures, and taking time for myself has made a huge a difference.

So, in the past month I have met and spent time with so many people that I just can’t help but feel very lucky right now. I’ve been spending almost every free day hopping around Walt Disney World and I could not be more grateful for such a fantastic opportunity.

I’m currently in the process of editing some pictures and video that I took while I was at EPCOT’s International Flower & Garden Festival last week, but here are a few so far:




I hope to find a public site where I can just start uploading all of my pictures so that I can share them with everyone. I might try my public Facebook page and see how that goes for awhile. If you care to take a gander at my adventures in a more real-time fashion, I’ll include links to all of my other social media down at the bottom of the post.

As for now, I’m job hunting for a second job as I’m currently not getting many hours where I am at. I have an interview next Friday for something that should be pretty fun, and I’m still going on auditions regularly. Hopefully something will pan out soon. I could sure use the mental and physical stability of full-time income again.

As for now, it’s back to being productive. Sorry for the short post and, again, thank you so much for understanding why I needed to take a step back and focus on my well-being.

Until next time! ❤

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The new interactive queue at Peter Pan’s Flight

As some of you fellow Walt Disney World fans might know, interactive queues are becoming a norm for the parks, and I am absolutely LOVING it! The Haunted Mansion queue is one of my favorites, and I hear the kids love the new one at Dumbo.

Last night, I got to experience the brand new queue at Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom with some friends and it was absolutely magical! Keep in mind, it was at park closing so we were in a rush and my pictures are just quick cell-phone snaps. I intend to go back and take my good camera so that I can really capture the beauty of this queue. In the mean time, here are my iPhone 5S shots.

13700_10203321983719994_3601774069912546097_n 1503437_10203321983399986_7720623540872785054_n 1800298_10203321984120004_6414508755928140270_n 10387208_10203321984400011_6966106594534314068_n 10639520_10203321982679968_4065873922258408982_n 10930948_10203321983119979_767876608634108846_n

The first thing to catch your eye are the gorgeous paintings that line the walls. It was too dark and the line was moving too quickly for me to capture all of the captions underneath the paintings. But, just look at how beautifully done they are!

10455764_10203321985560040_2898565475743121177_n 10959576_10203321985960050_5214094867025039798_n

Then come the portraits of the Darling family. I can’t get over how much Father looks like Captain Hook and Mother looks like Cinderella! Oh, and their silhouettes getting ready in the windows were just… well, darling!


Nana can be seen rounding the corner before the kids’ bedroom and while she’s just a still figure, there’s a lot of really fun audio to listen to. If you listen closely, you can hear all kinds of chatter, dog panting, traffic, etc. It was nice being in a semi-quiet queue so that we could hear it really well. I’m sure on a busy day, it’s just another little detail that gets overlooked.


The children’s room, however, is the highlight of the new queue and it is not a disappointment.



I wish I had been able to get video of this. In this portion of the room, – John’s – Tink would fly up out of the water pitcher on the right, splash some water, and then fly through the pirate’s sail over the bed. It was a cute little affect and worth trying to get with my good camera next time.


Wendy’s bed had suitcases and hatboxes on it, which makes me think they must’ve been playing dress-up at the time.


Again, this doesn’t really translate into a still picture and I wish I’d gotten a video, but it was a place to play with our shadows! Here, we would raise our hands up and then butterflies would land on our hands. It was so much fun and, again, deserves a much better picture and video.

10897922_10203321988280108_2802161257678473654_n 10930105_10203321987880098_3632830787512387650_n

Here, you can see Michael’s bed and teddy, along with some blocks which were underneath the shadow play wall.

As beautiful as it is, this new queue has a very abrupt ending and you’re in the loading area for the attraction. I really think they could do a better job of transitioning into the attraction, but I’m afraid that would mean shutting the entire thing down for refurb, which probably isn’t ideal.

Like I said, the queue is gorgeous, wonderfully-detailed, and I hope to go one day when it’s slower and I can take some pictures with my camera without being rushed.

Have you been able to experience any of Walt Disney World’s interactive queues? I do hope you’re able to “fly second start to the right and straight on ’til morning” and visit Peter Pan’s Flight soon!

Until next time! ❤