What do you think?

Product reviews, personal anecdotes, wishlists… I’ve realized that all I really use this blog for is my life.

Not saying that it’s a bad thing. But, what if I were to start interjecting different styles of writing here and there? Small fictional stories, poems, monologues, etc? I don’t have a lot of experience with that writing style, but I’d love to just give it a shot.

So, what do you think? Maybe it’ll break up the monotony of another “What’s up with me?” post. Just a thought.

I want to express myself. But, I also don’t want to share too much in the event that someone would take my work and use it as their own. But, I guess that’s always a possibility no matter what you put out there in the ether isn’t it?

Anyway, I might give it a shot. We’ll see. If it doesn’t go over well, at least I tried.

Thanks for letting me run these ideas by you. You are the reader, after all.

Until next time! ❤



Happy 2nd Anniversary to me!

Today, WordPress notified me that I registered my blog two years ago. Really!? Two years? I had no idea it had been so long.

I’ve probably spent more time not writing than I have writing here, let’s be honest. I enjoy the blogging community a lot. I enjoy my “internet friends,” since I have so many and have been so lucky to be able to meet so many people because of the wonders of the Internet.

I’ve started and closed who knows how many blogs, created and deleted YouTube channels, but I always come back to the community. I’m obviously not a daily v/blogger, but I enjoy participating in communities with people who are.

All sappiness aside, I guess I should update you on my NaNo journey. I can already tell you I’m not going to get very far. Between being sick the first week of November, starting a brand new job on Monday, my birthday on Tuesday, family health being what it is, and my desire to get out and experience the world instead of from behind a screen, let’s just say November hasn’t been the best month so far for writing.

I turned 28 on Tuesday, the 8th. Election day. I was born on election day and this is the first year that my birthday has fallen on it again. I have many feelings about the state of our country as of now, and if you care at all, you’re welcome to follow me on Twitter. I’ve been very vocal about it all there.

I’m not sad about falling behind on NaNoWriMo, though. I am learning new things, meeting new people, and still taking the time to “check out” from the digital world so that I can enjoy time with my family and friends.

I do have some free time today, though, so I’m going to sit down and write some more. It’s therapeutic and is helping me develop a good vocabulary. I’m not sure if I’ll continue the same story I started or start something new. Guess I’ll see how I feel.


How about you? How is your writing going? I’d love to hear from fellow NaNoWriMo participants.

Until next time! ❤

Current word count: 2,134

I’m doing NaNoWriMo!

Well, after years of watching friends participate in NaNoWriMo, I (probably foolishly) decided to participate this year. 50,000 words in the month of November.


I don’t know if novel-writing is my style, but I’d really like to use it for more theatre-related things so maybe monologues or scenes? Songs or poems? We shall see.

If you’d like to add me on NaNoWriMo.org, please feel free to do so! 

I’m hoping the NaNo community and this blog will keep me in check and help to motivate me to do as much as I can. I’m not expecting to win, but I want to try my darndest!

Oh… and I just started a new job this week so this should be great fun. (What was I thinking!?)